Fresh Micro Salad Mix Punnet - Yarra Valley Herbs



Yarra Valley Herbs Micro Salad Mix Punnets

The Mix of Six, CHEF’S CHOICE is Yarra valley herb’s signature product. Their aim was to produce a salad that is full of flavour with an attractive colour combination. Our ‘Mix of Six’ micro-salad has it all! Perfect to use as a garnish, or a complete salad base.

The mix has the following micro greens: radish, kale, broccoli, amaranth, arugula and cabbage. Produced in a controlled environment we can ensure the quality, colour and flavour is consistent every time. Not to forget the amount of nutrients it has!

An absolute top pick in the hospitality industry for many years, now making it’s way to the home chef.

Available in 50 gram punnets.